Today, ProVentAir LLC's experts answer some frequently asked questions about air duct cleaning.

Air duct cleaning removes dust, mold, and obstructions from the duct vents of your heating and cooling system. ProVentAir LLC cleans difficult-to-reach areas such as ventilation systems, furnaces, and evaporator coils. This cleaning procedure is critical because it can protect your health while lowering utility costs.

Yes, rather unexpectedly. A common type of contamination found in air duct systems is construction debris. When construction crews clean up, drywall dust, sawdust, and other fine particles can find their way into your system. Professional cleaning is the only way to get rid of them completely.

Dust, fungi, and bacteria have been found to accumulate in ventilation systems. These contaminants may harm your health by irritating or triggering certain allergies. Removing these contaminants from your HVAC system should be considered a step toward improving the air quality in your home.

If your air ducts are clogged with debrise or dust, your utility bill will rise, as will the performance of your vent system and HVAC components (evaporator coil and blower). The accumulation of these contaminants in the furnace can obstruct airflow. It forces your HVAC unit to work harder, increasing your energy consumption. Cleaning the entire HVAC system will increase efficiency

No industry standard for how often your air ducts should be cleaned — not monthly or yearly. Except in extreme cases, there is no reason why your ducts should be cleaned more than once a year. Many people can easily go two years without cleaning their teeth.

It would help if you took precautions, such as keeping debris out of your ducts. The best thing to do is to meet with a reputable duct cleaning professional and devise a suitable cleaning schedule for your home.